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B.B. Sail


This is a reminder as the season ends to keep the sails in good conditions during the winter so that they are ready for the next spring. Instead of letting your sails exposed to the atmospheric agents, they must be washed…

B.B. Sail

Mould Treatment

The nanotechnology treatment doesn’t last for ever. In fact, salt, which is generally deposited on the surface, produces a kind of micro-grinding action that removes nanoparticles from …

B.B. Sail

Spinnaker-Gennaker treatment

Salt doesn’t only ruin spinnaker and gennaker fabrics, it can also ruin mainsails, genoas and jibs. We offer a specific service for racing sails. The service involves rinsing and drying of all the sails…

B.B. Sail


We provide a pick-up and delivery service with appropriate equipment: vehichles with hydraulic arms for loading of sails of any size and weight while the boat is docked. 


Tents Washing

Our Company performs the washing of tents and pvc tensile structures, customs, sails, pagodas , giodesic domes and air domes.

Who we are

B.B. Sail

We have over 10 years of experience in sailmaking, from design and manufacture to repair, and have always provided our clients with a sail washing and cleaning service. We can also add to this 25 years of racing on all Italian and foreign race courses.

Now we have “changed course”, and have directed our expertise exclusively towards the cleaning and washing of sails, as well as a service to maintain efficiency of racing sails.

This makes us professionals who know how to treat the various fabrics that make up sails, unlike industrial laundries without any real expertise.

What we did

B.B. Sail
progettazione vele
pulitura vele
Lavaggio vele
B.B Sail

We gave assistance to:

Orion 49 mt Classic boat
Aglaia sailboat 90
Aurore Perini
Invader 40 mt epoca
Wally 145
Sakara 30 mt epoca
Carlotta Perini
Wild Oats XIII sailboat
My Song sailboat
Ccyd 85 sailboat
Magic Carpet
Wally Star 73
Patience epoca 25 mt
Huisman 144 feet
Irelanda Conrad 115 feet
Billy Bud
Oyster 72

Fly One Nauta 93
Swan 77
Wallygator Wally
Nariida Wally 100
Yam Wally 100
White Knight
Swan 70
Blue Wing Southern Wind 72
White Finn 28 mt epoca
MRS Marietta Nauta 78
Wally 100
Sylvia epoca 45 mt
Perini Pegasus 50 mt
Tiara 147 feet
Naema epoca

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B.B. Sail

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